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2 years ago when I met Dottie I was so energetically out of wack, I could not even look her in the eye.I was On many mediactionss always in pain,depressed, massive brain fog very unhappy for years, rarely leaving my home.Not functioning like normal.After a few sessions using the tools that she taught me i started feeling better. I am off medications lost 25 lbs, out of pain and have a quality of life that I have not experienced in years.I really enjoy my life now. I get a session about once a month to keep my enegy clear I don't ever want to live like that again. 10/2014  Susan H.  


"When I met Dottie 1 year ago, I weighed 35lbs more and I was climbing stairs one at a time because my knee's MCL was so painful. She changed my life with her gentle approach to Spirituality and nutrition. I feel 20 years younger. I can run up and down stairs now. I attend weekly meetings at SSC."
Miko Del, 52 years old, musician, tree worker, IT Pro


VIBRATIONS, VIBRATIONS. I had my first Tuning Fork Chakra balancing with Dottie. The experience is amazing and I have been telling my friends about it. First is the physical experience of the sound vibration on your skin kind of tickles until the tuning forks are placed on your Chakras. You feel a tingling in each Chakra, sparks flying, visualizations, etc.. What I found as a result of the session was a change in my perception. I experienced a clearing of my thought processes with increased ability to effortlessly fall asleep, no mind racing. I am calmer with a heightened sense of self and my surroundings. The impact and influence of the tuning fork balancing is definitely an experience you won’t want to miss. Especially if sound spurs your soul. I plan to place this practice in my spiritual tool kit. You will want to hum and sing.

Thanks Dottie!!!!!


I was part of a group that received the tuning fork healing and it was an experience I’ll never forget. It was as if the forks became a ladder to ascension, propelling each of us to our true nature and closer to our Creator. Because we received the tuning as a group, we also got the added benefit and mileage from the effects of those around us! I formed some very special and unique bonds with my classmates that day, some of whom I had not met previously. Because of her deep love and understanding of our essence as vibratory beings, Dottie’s use of tuning forks is very deft and powerful. She is a highly proficient human tuner.


Phenomenal experience.

Unexpected and eye opening..

A definite recommend for anyone in need of an energy tune up….We tune up our car why not our body which is in much need


I’ve know Dottie Gannotti for 30 years. She is a dear friend my hairdresser and healer. I could not walk very well was getting shots for the severe back pain which kept me from doing things I like to do like Baking was my joy could not bake for 1.5 years. I had enough of the medical way of dealing with this do (shots no relief getting worse) I decided to try a more holistic approach. I had recently been widowed after 51 years of a very loving marriage. I was going to have a hysterectomy in 6 weeks. I was in a Very sad state of mind.

I started to get healing sessions 2xs a week for the six weeks; I did take a Reiki class (All before surgery)

I always had a hard time visualizing, but soon I could center and bring myself into a calm place I also learned and did a great job on deep breathing. Tools I used before and after surgery helping my body to heal.

During my sessions Dottie was able move the bad energy out of my body and channel the good energy in to replace the bad. I was able to bake and walk and be out of pain. After 7th session I was out of pain by the 8th was baking again YEAH!!!!!!. Dottie has a talent to be able help bring in the necessary light so it can heal the way God intended the body to heal.

I did have ION foot cleanses to remove toxins from my body before and after surgery. After surgery I had a setback when Dottie did my foot detox saw lots of parasites in the water, after foot detox my body healed. I try to get a healing session and detox once a month to keep the body in optimal shape. I want to feel good and go where and when I want with no limitations anymore.

Pat John
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