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Dottie Gannotti is a pure channel of love and has been an intuitive gifted healer for the past 15 years. She is an

  •   I.E.T. Master Teacher
  •   Reiki Master Teacher
  •   Reconnective Healer
  •   PH Miracle Coach
  •   Hypnotherapist
  •   Spiritual Coach
  •   Nutritional Adviser
  •   Oneness Blessing Giver
  •   Meditation Teacher

Dottie's techniques include the use of deep breathing, guided imagery, tuning forks, crystals & aroma therapy. Dottie works alongside her clients…

  •   Recommending and assisting in the detoxification of their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies
  •   Clearing out and surrendering the old dark, stagnant energies stored inside the physical form
  •   Replacing it with clean, clear, new energies, making room for all the light that ultimately restores the body back to Health and Wellness

Dottie is living her soul’s purpose. Her vision is to help her brothers and sisters understand the deeper meaning of life  Helping  to get a brighter look on life and feeling the joy of knowing self. Her sessions have given so many people the tools and knowledge necessary to cope, endure and thrive. She helps them to…

  •   Connect with Angels, Guides and their Higher Self
  •   Embrace the knowledge that we are not alone
  •   Reconnect with the Universal Life Force Energy that brings Healing
  •   Tap into the amazing gifts that the Creator has instilled in them
  •   Awaken to a life filled with more Light and Love, Purpose and Passion

Audio Clips

   Ocean Beach Light
  Infinite Capabilities Vortex

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