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Tuning Forks

Group tuning fork tune up

Tuning forks help the body to vibrate and bring your energetic being into complete harmony. Also balances your chakras while releasing the energetic blocks stored in your cells and enteric body. The vibration alters your body’s biochemistry while bringing your nervous system, muscle tone and organs into harmonic balance. It also helps you simply feel absolutely amazing. As a single healing modality, tuning forks are very Powerful, an experience you and your body will love. However, when tuning forks are used in a group as part of a sacred circle, the energies are off the charts, creating entrainment, a fancy term for “everyone vibrating at the same frequency” Dottie holds these groups every couple of weeks. The experience is like a powerful meditation, transformative for the collective as well as each person in the group. An instantaneous, deep state of relaxation is felt as mental clarity, brain clarity, physical energy and mental concentration all increase when the left and right sides of the brain are balanced. That is what the tuning forks do and sometimes deep healings can occur. Everyone has their own experience.


I had no idea what to expect when Dottie said she was going to use tuning forks. But, after the first few minutes, I began to feel completely absorbed in the process. At some point, after she touched my throat chakra, I began to cry, really hard. After the session was over, and we all looked at each other, there were several of us crying. It was amazing. I felt so connected to the women in the group that night. I felt that we were meant to have shared that session. It was one of the most deeply emotional experiences I have EVER had in my entire life. We all hugged each other. It was totally magical, because everyone there that night had the same experience. I still feel a deep connection to those beautiful women who shared that night with me. Also, I felt the presence of my Mother, and when the session was over, the lady next to me said she specifically heard a woman telling her, "T ell her I am still here and I'm fine." We believed this was my mother, giving me a message. I felt her presence, and she gave me a beautiful message


VIBRATIONS, VIBRATIONS. I had my first Tuning Fork Chakra balancing with Dottie. The experience is amazing and I have been telling my friends about it. First is the physical experience of the sound vibration on your skin kind of tickles until the tuning forks are placed on your Chakras. You feel a tingling in each Chakra, sparks flying, visualizations, etc.. What I found as a result of the session was a change in my perception. I experienced a clearing of my thought processes with increased ability to effortlessly fall asleep, no mind racing. I am calmer with a heightened sense of self and my surroundings. The impact and influence of the tuning fork balancing is definitely an experience you won't want to miss. Especially if sound spurs your soul. I plan to place this practice in my spiritual tool kit. You will want to hum and sing.


Thanks Dottie!!

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