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Certified Reiki 2 course

The Reiki 2 course is a one-day course which covers the following:

  • Reiki 2 Attunements
  • Reiki 2 symbols – learning to draw and use
  • Absent healing techniques
  • Empowering and healing events (past and future)
  • Hands-on practical session
  • Questions and Answers from your experiences with Reiki 1
  • Meditation
  • Other uses of the symbols
  • Doing Reiki session on person

Note: For the Reiki 2 Course you will need to bring with you 2 photos of someone you wish to send distant healing. Please bring a stuffed animal to use as your proxy. No bigger than lap size. I have a few here if you don’t have one

On completion of the course, you will receive an illustrated Reiki Manual, the Second Degree Reiki Certificate as well as on-going support and advice.

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