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You don't have to know how to meditate; you just follow along. All the audios are Guided Imagery Meditations.

As you listen you get the hang of it and you start letting go by following the voice and then in the silence stay focused on your peace point.Just observe yourself,try not to get caught up in your thoughts.Peace is only a Breath away.


Infinite Capabilities Vortex

2015-12-30 Pineal gland,& Third Eye opening, Extending golden cord connecting to higher self Beam of light takes you to the stars Feel expansion of infinite capabilities,working with your higher self to create your dreams and desires to bring forth onto the earth plane Chakra clearing and balancing.Ending the ultimate grounding technique. 16mins


Mountain in clouds

2015-11-18 The healing begins with surrendering. Letting the light reveal old energy patterns betrayals & heartaches. Winding up a green path turning pink. Effortlessly walk the path high into the mountainous views and clouds,enhanced by the shimmering white crystal.Feeling lighter and supported easier to wall in the light that supports us. 19mins


Spirit Body Light body

2015-12-23 Focusing on Third Eye Energy that no longer serves your physical form flows out in a stream of light Bathed in rainbow light,a taking a beautiful trip to a far away place for reunion of the bodies and Grounding that here on the earth plane 19mins


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